URD Agro-
Biotechnologies Industrielles

  • Microbiology (SSF/LSF)
  • DSP / eco-extraction
  • Green chem. / Biocatalysis
  • Polymers / Biomaterials


Chaire de

  • Downstream processes
  • Biomass / Biomaterials
  • Multi-scale
  • Modelling


Chair in Bioeconomy and
Sustainable Development

  • Circular bioeconomy
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Governance
  • Green innovations


Chaire Agroressources
FERmentation Enzymes

  • Plant biomass
  • Biocatalysis
  • Fermentation
  • Biomolecules


service and equipment

From vials to pre-industrial separation pilots

The CEBB not only relies on the human and technical skills but also on the facilities needed to scale-up the processes developed at the bench scale.

It covers the development of products from the mL scale (vials, microplates, microreactors) to the scale of ten or even hundreds of L (fermenters, photo-bioreactors, pre-industrial separation pilots), and thus from the proof of concept to the of processes and their exploitation.

From biomass to applications

The complementary scientific expertise brought by each chair or unit covers the entire knowledge and competencies to create innovation and new technologies and turn them into industrial reality: white biotechnologies, green chemistry, process engineering, multi-scale modelling and studies of promising market tracks.
Our proximity to industries allows us to identify and answer the technological locks they encounter and to develop the research projects that will feed the research and teaching activities offered to students.

A complete analytical platform

To support its teams and research projects, the CEBB has developed a complete shared analytical platform allows the characterization of the biomass as well as the ( bio)molecules and the (bio)materials of interest developed.
This platform of excellence covers the fields of liquid chromatography (DAD, Corona, DWD, RI, DWD, viscosimeter, MALS, GPC, MS, Q-TOF), gas chromatography (FID, MS), spectroscopy (UV, FTIR, NMR), thermal analyzes (DSC, TGA), confocal microscopy (RAMAN) and imaging (X-ray nanotomograph).

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